East Texas Logger and his Wife Give Thanks to Their Attorneys

This is a heartfelt video I produced for the VB Attorneys law firm in Houston, Texas. Their client, an experienced logger working in East Texas was critically injured when a log fell from a forklift and crushed his head. The client and his wife thank VB Attorneys for the excellent legal work they received. Contact […]

If a photo is worth a 1000 words, what is a 360-degree virtual walk through of an accident site would worth?

Mark Susman is a trusted expert in producing forensic panoramic imagery and virtual walk through tours. Mark is one of just a few Houston Trusted Photographers certified by Google to shoot commercial Business View photos and also extends his expertise to virtual imagery in legal forensic photography. Railroad accidents, Industrial accidents, 18 wheeler, building fires, […]

School Bus Driver Busted for DWT

This is a video of Seminole County, Florida school bus driver Robert Stancheski caught driving while texting on his smartphone.   I hope this video makes the driving public pause and think about their own safe driving habits.  Everyone is guilty of texting while driving at least one time.  The technology is just too compelling […]

Watch out! Audio is Half the Picture

Do your video depositions sound as good as they look? We all know video depositions have become an ubiquitous litigator’s tool. Low cost HD cameras have become an ubiquitous legal videographer’s tool. The video quality of today’s depositions has never been better.  But who is listening? There was a time when very few depositions were […]

Environmental Torts

RECKLESS DUMPING OF TOXIC FLUID South Texas: A prominent Texas law firm commissioned VIDEOFILES to research, write and produce an investigative documentary about one of the firm’s toxic tort cases. The film, “What’s in Your Backyard?”, examines the environmental impact a natural gas plant had on neighboring land owners and surrounding communities. Most of us are […]

Historic Harris County Courthouse

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Fast Cut Films, the commercial division of VideoFiles Inc. recently completed production of the broadcast, PBS documentary “The 1910 Harris County Courthouse.” The film follows the 102 year history of the courthouse from its grand opening on Texas Independence Day, March 2, 1910 through the “wretched” remodeling in the 1950’s and through the […]