What We Do







VIDEOFILES INC. Houston based, legal media consultants specialized in high profile, complex litigation. We produce high impact day in the life, video settlement brochures and video demand packages. When you get to know us you’ll quickly discover VideoFiles is not a typical litigation support company. Our approach is different. Our focus is different. It shows in our work. It shows in the multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

VideoFiles delivers proven results, quality and value in every case. We are retained by both plaintiff’s and defendants in a wide range of  lawsuits. It doesn’t matter if your case is big or small. VideoFiles offers professional legal video services appropriate for any  lawsuit.  We are experienced in all civil matters including personal injury, intellectual property claims, patent law, trade secrets, bad faith, commercial disputes, wrongful death, brain injury, truck accidents, railroad, maritime, employment, sexual harassment, property damage, civil rights and family law.

VideoFiles is responsive to every client’s specific needs. We don’t try to fit your presentation into a generic template that doesn’t achieve your goals. What we do is custom produce an effective legal presentation that will meet your objectives, meet your deadline and fit your budget.

Areas of expertise are producing high impact legal settlement videos, courtroom graphics, 3D animation, settlement brochures, forensic legal photography, forensic audio analysis and day in the life video documentaries. We utilize state of the art software for film making, video production, litigation support, e-discovery and digital forensics.  Our professionals are experts in synchronized video deposition testimony and litigation management software including Trial Director, Sanction and Visionary.

Additional services include focus groups, mock trials, video deposition testimony, video deposition editing, demonstrative evidence, animation, courtroom graphics and multimedia, digital transfers, DVD, custom Power Point presentations. We are also experts in video streaming, cloud storage and document management technology. Our history is impressive. We’ve been serving legal professionals since 1984 with a long list of notable cases. Our reach is global, supporting international, national, state and local clients. References are available on request.