Environmental Torts


South Texas: A prominent Texas law firm commissioned VIDEOFILES to research, write and produce an investigative documentary about one of the firm’s toxic tort cases. The film, “What’s in Your Backyard?”, examines the environmental impact a natural gas plant had on neighboring land owners and surrounding communities.

Most of us are familiar with diesel fuel. The noxious hydrocarbon is ubiquitous in our industrial culture. Diesel powers everything from our cars and trucks to power plants. It’s foul smelling and highly toxic. We certainly do not want it in our homes. So how would you feel if one day the tap water in your faucet smelled and tasted like diesel fuel? Unthinkable? Hardly not.

The producers at VIDEOFILES worked closely with top environmental expert witnesses and prominent attorneys to craft a compelling story about one landowner, damages and the impending threat to the surrounding community. The finished film “What’s in Your Backyard?” was a huge success. Lawmakers in Austin woke up and took action, ordering clean up of the property. Criminal and civil suits against the operators are pending.

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