Settlement Video

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How is VideoFiles Different?

First, we are not your court reporter’s video department. We’re talented media people that know how to tell a good story. The difference shows in our work and is proven by results.  VideoFiles has been in business since 1984. Case after case we’ve been delivering multi-million dollar settlements.

Masterful work is not by accident.  We’re a team of experts, award winning documentary filmmakers, broadcast journalists, PR consultants and graphics designers blessed with smart communication skills.

VideoFiles Brings Your Case to Life Like Nothing Else Can.

Attorneys trust VideoFiles. We identify your goals and work closely with you throughout the project. Every fact, every scene and every edit has a calculated purpose. No detail is ignored. Nothing is left to chance. Our goal is to help you settle your case. We support you at hearings, mediation and at trial.  We have solutions to help you at every phase of litigation, from discovery to your closing argument. VideoFiles works closely with your expert witnesses to produce bulletproof demonstrative graphics and 3D animation to be used at mediation and trial.

We Go Where You Go

Breaking news happens all over the world. Getting to location quickly is essential to preserve evidence, statements and images.

VideoFiles serves trial attorneys, expert witnesses and legal professionals throughout the United States. We are strategically located in Houston, Texas, a hub city with easy flights any where in the world. We have worked on lawsuits  in Asia to Europe, the North Sea to Gulf of Mexico. Whether  your case is in Houston, Dallas, Austin or Beaumont, Texas. Or in New York, NY, PA, Washington D.C., Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arizona or Tennessee. Locations in China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, France, England, Wales, Norway, Bermuda, Russia and the Caspian Sea are no strangers to VideoFiles.

Get to know us and learn how our winning strategies and techniques are money well spent. From personal injury cases to patent law, auto accidents, brain injury, PTSD, wrongful death, maritime, aviation, intellectual property, all cases, big or small benefit from our litigation consulting strategies. References and demo samples are available on request.
Call Mark Susman at 713-622-5515 and see first hand how VideoFiles adds value to your case.